Expanding Your SME – Extend Reach With Pallet Couriers

When you are producing goods that will be sold to the end customer, one easy way of reaching a larger audience is to offer shipments to areas outside of your operating zone. However, this can rack up hefty fees when dealing with many small packages, and not to mention all the trips to the post office, which are a waste of time and money. The solution is simple: hire a reputable pallet courier to make your deliveries. Consolidate your packages on a pallet to save shipping costs, and then let your courier pick it up and transport it to its final destination.

But what are some of the important things to consider when shipping by pallet?

Pallet type

The, normal, wooden pallet is very versatile and cheap which helps in the beginning. It can fit just about all your needs, anything from fresh produce to fragile goods. It’s the most common pallet, most widely available and most easily managed. Wood makes for easy repairs which can make the pallet last for longer time, and as an added bonus they are very recycle-friendly.

If you specialise in a certain type of goods, and volumes are high enough, there are other types of pallets to look into, such as plastic (fresh produce or chemicals), aluminium (air freight with need for durability) or paper (eco-friendly, for lighter loads).


The efficiency of packing goods on pallets is unquestionable, but there are some things that need to be taken into consideration when doing so.

First of all look for an even weight distribution, and put an emphasis on bottom-heavy loads. This will make sure that the pallet doesn’t flip over when in transit. If the goods are unevenly shaped, be sure to secure them tightly with straps.

It’s normally a good idea to secure the packaging with plastic wrap. This will keep any goods from sliding, and on top of that it will give limited protection against liquids and humidity.

Always label the final pallet, and if needed also label individual goods. Put some extra plastic wrap around the label to protect it from tearing.

General Shipping Considerations

Whenever shipping, there are always precautions that should be taken to ensure a smooth delivery; bumpy rides happen, so plan accordingly. If shipping fragile goods, always secure them with bubble wrap and mark the shipment to notify the drivers to take extra care.

Have everything ready at the time of the pickup. A driver’s worst nightmare is to arrive to a partially ready shipment, this may even delay your shipment as they can’t change their schedule. If it’s a one-time shipment, and the pallet courier also brings the actual pallets, they usually give you a limited time frame to pack everything. If this is the scenario, make sure everything is labelled and organised beforehand.


If you are looking into extending your reach beyond the neighbouring area, consolidating shipments on a pallet will save you money and time. Just make sure you are using the right pallet, it’s packaged securely for maximum efficiency, and that you have everything in order at the designated locationin time for the pickup.

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