Effective Ways to Backup and Restore Your Important Data

Everyone wants to backup data and important files in the computer. Data loss is quite dangerous for the IT companies. Due to technical faults and lack of efficient technicians, sometimes important data get lost from the computer. Restoration of the data is very important to keep the files secured for future requirements. Backup of the files is one of the important works of the administrators. There are several ways to restore the important files and data for further use.

 Here, are some of the best ways to backup the files. All the options range from free versions of backup tools that are available in all versions of Windows and some are paid versions. The cloud-based backup tool provides free storage of the files. One of the important factors is to have multiple copies of files. The several copies of data are saved on the external drives or in the cloud storage space. Let us see some of them, in brief.

Backup Your Files In Windows 7

Windows 7 includes integrated backup tools for the users. You can launch the backup and restoration application in the Windows 7 version and can set up the backup. These tools are quite effective and user-friendly. They allow you to backup data and files and even all the files of the computer. Windows 7 allow you to create system images backups. You can restore the files from this state to its original position whenever you want. This backup tool of Windows 7 allows you to save the backup to a network location. The files are also saved in the internal or external hard drives. You can customize the backup whenever you want according to the schedule. When you are backing up the files to the external drives, you will have to leave it plugged in or make a connection so that the backup runs properly. Tivoli Storage Manager is an important tool to create the backup of the important files in all the versions of Windows. It is very effective and has the capability of storing data in huge quantities.

Backup Facilities for Windows 8

Windows 8 backup tools work similarly as the Apple’s Time Machine. Most of the people cannot use the Windows 7 backup tool, so the Microsoft has tried to design user-friendly backup and restoration facilities. The Windows 8 backup tool can only help you to backup and restore files in the user data locations similar to the libraries and folders. If you want to backup the files and arbitrary files in other places, you will have to add them to the libraries. Once you start the File History, Windows will automatically save the copies of the files in a regular fashion in the external drive or in the network drive. This tool saves the copies of the files again and again when you connect the external drive.

These two Windows tools are very effective for saving and restoring the files in the computer. Another popular tool is the Cloud Backup. All the available tools are quite user-friendly and can operate in all versions of Windows. TSM server helps the administrators to control access and saves the files automatically.


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