Digital Marketing Plan Made Easy

Effective marketing strategy calls for a careful consideration of long-term and short term goals. And it is vital to understand the importance of digital marketing from the word go. The importance can be viewed from the number of posts and updates from industry experts. Why they are emphasizing on the combination of paid and organic digital marketing campaigns?

Whether you are trying to prove results to a boss, client, or just want to run a good marketing strategy that works – you have to optimize for short andlong-term goals. And while there are a lot of benefits to running paid and organic together, this is the best way to get quick wins while also setting yourself up for long-term success in digital marketing.

Creating Effective Strategy Ahead of Time

Here’s what it can do to your marketing strategy

  • Establishes goals, timelines, and metrics
  • Gives you a roadmap
  • Prepares you to collect all the new leads with infrastructure
  • Increases the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Provides content direction through research

If you have a lot of open time on your hands and you’ve already laid the groundwork, you may be able to finish in hours, days, or weeks. But if it’s just one item on a full plate, strategy planning could take months.

If you go tosearch engine marketing Toronto for help, they would make an effective digital marketing strategy in the following manner:

  • Define a value proposition
  • Conduct target market research
  • Build out personas
  • Map your buyer’s journey

You can literally kick-off your paid campaign, but have you identified where it would lead to? Do you have the landing page that will speak to your audience in their native language? Do you have a way to collect visitors’ information that they would want you to remember? If not, you will definitely be throwing your money away.

Inbound Marketing and SEO

After setting up a strong solid foundation for your marketing strategies, it’s time to think about the results you want. Are you looking for equity that will reduce the cost with time? Are you looking to pull leads without having to pay anything?

In either scenario, you need a healthy dose of SEO Service and Inbound marketing. When you build traffic and ranking for important terms, after a short while they will start to stack on each other exponentially.


As the web is getting more and more saturated with content, there is a strong need of time investment and effort up front. You need to create a large amount of high-quality content for your website, before you can start thinking about ranking. All the high-volume keywords should have sufficient amount of content on your website.

Moreover, you need to distribute the content on social platforms, forums and content amplification venues. This means, more time investment is required of you.

Paid Strategies

Paid strategies complement organic efforts perfectly. They allow for quick wins and quick results. You can even optimize for long-term strategies. Here are some benefits of paid strategies.

  1. The first and most obvious benefit of running paid strategies early on is boosting visitors to your website. Advertising through search platforms allows you some visibility on keywords that you don’t have a chance at right away.And with paid taking up almost half of the results now, the extra visibility can add up quickly.
  2. A/B testing and other methods of systematic measurement require time and volume. Paid providesthe opportunity to test for keywords, phrasing, and calls to action in higher volumes right away. The takeaways from your paid tests can be applied directly to your organic strategy.
  3. Organic strategies take time to fill in the answers for potential customers along their journey – and that can be a good thing because it builds trust and confidence in your brand. This will help keep you at the top of their mind and encourage them to come back sooner.



A combination of organic and paid strategies will give you opportunity for great success. That’s true especially when you’re a startup looking to announce your presence in the virtual world. Put paid and organic together, and you’ll be able to cook up some digital marketing magic.

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