An introduction to biomass fuel – great alternative to fossil fuel

What is biomass fuel and how is it produced?

Biomass fuel can be called as an energy producing resource that can be used as an alternative for fossil fuels. It is produced from two major sources – wood residues and animal wastes. There are different techniques to produce this kind of fuel and it is believed to be the most efficient replacement in the future for the fast exhausting fossil fuels. Wood pellet suppliers are found in many regions and they collect the residues, produce the fuel or chips and supply to the customer. Although, fossil fuels are more efficient in comparison to biomass fuel, one has to know that those are disappearing quickly and it is the reason biomass fuel got into the frame.

Sources for biomass fuel

As mentioned earlier, there are two major sources from which the fuel is produced. Out of the two, wood residue is considered the more worthy source as the availability of it excellent. Although, animal wastes are also widely available, they take some effort to collect them. There are companies like Ecostrat log suppliers who deliver biomass fuel made from the two sources, so that the buyer can get the desired product without having to adjust on the order.

  • Wood residue – The wood residue is mainly taken from the forests, mills, agricultural wastes, industrial byproducts, black liquor, paper mills, urban wastes, etc. They are processed carefully by the biomass fuel suppliers and are made into wood chips that can be used as fuel.
  • Animal wastes – The wastes are divided into two types namely, dry manure and wet manure. The dry manure is collected from the livestock domesticating areas and the manure is removed periodically for every 6 or 12 months. The wet manure is taken from dairy industries and it will in the form of slurry before processing.

How to use the biomass fuel?

There are specifically designed stoves that run on biomass fuel and they are used for cooking or heating purposes. The greatest part about them is that they are less in maintenance, designed to suit the decoration of any house, have the latest technology including self cleaning system, display for settings, etc. The use of these stoves can save 50% of the electricity bills when compared to a conventional heater. The effectiveness of the device is also great and it can produce up to 90% efficiency every time. The wood pellet suppliers can guide the individual into buying the right stove based on the size of the house and the need as well.

How to store the wood chips?

It is common for people to worry about storing the recycled wood or animal waste as it can come to pieces with the touch of moisture. However, the biomass fuel suppliers will provide with a safety package from which the pellets can be taken out and the rest can be stored either inside or outside of the house. As an added measure, one could cover them with a tarpaulin and keep them on higher grounds so that they can survive throughout the year.

These are the basic things that one should know about the biomass fuel and as one can see, there are only benefits if an individual selects this method instead of fossil fuels.

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