3 Ways to Boost Environmental-Friendliness in The Office

With climate change, widespread deforestation and lethal chemicals being spilled out in the world we live in, being eco-friendly is more important than ever and we all need to do our bit. In the home it’s fairly easy to start recycling, use less plastic and perhaps even start a compost, but in the office it’s a different matter. Office habits are set in stone, and there are always those who are resistant to change. But let’s ignore the naysayers for now and explore 3 ways to minimise the carbon footprint from the office.


Car emissions are a large part of our environmental impact, and cutting that down as much as possible is a great step on the way to a cleaner planet. Utilising cloud-based collaboration software and project management tools enables you to stay home and work, be it for a few days per week or full time. Doing so will not only minimise pollution from the daily commute, but also save paper and power at the office. Add to that all the other health benefits and it’s a done deal. Discuss this option with your boss as soon as possible.

Don’t use disposable articles

Anything from plastic cups at the watercooler to one-time coffee capsules should be eliminated from the office as soon as possible. Use a normal glass/cup for beverages;if you drink 8 cups of liquid a day, this could save 2000 cups / person / year, quickly adding up to staggering amounts of plastic. Invest in a coffee brewer with normal paper filters (or reusable ones) to save up to 500 plastic/foil capsules a year per person. Compare that to 1-2 biodegradable paper filters a day for the whole office.


When it comes to office supplies start using non-bleached recycled paper and use refillable toner cartridges/bottles for your printer. Also start looking into saving as much energy as possible by turning off lights in rooms that are not used, and using low energy bulbs in all lamps. This may seem like a heavy investment at first, but you will save that money in the long run.

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